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Growing The Game in Israel: Micah's First Update

By Micah Stalarow, 01/31/18, 8:00AM CST


“You’re going to miss Austin too much.”


“There’s no way you’re actually leaving.”


“I’ll believe it when I see it.”


Well to all my friends reading this, here I am writing for Texas Lacrosse News while sitting in my quaint Netanya bedroom. I must admit; you were all correct in a sense. Uprooting one’s life for a promising, yet ambiguous, opportunity on the other side of the world is not something most people (myself normally included) can do.


Now I sit at a cross-section of how growth mindset psychology and opportunism led me to do what I am doing today.


The first people I want to thank are Steve Baskin/Camp Champions and Micky Wolf for helping me come to understand and embrace this niche of how to be the best version of myself. Growth mindset psychology refers to the idea of looking at how one can improve the pitfalls of a day, week, month, or year, while embracing and showing gratitude towards the best moments. The theory is that eventually one finds him or herself only seeing positivity and self-improvement opportunities.


Flash-forward six years to May 2017, when I first spoke with Seth Mahler and Dave Lasday about coming out to Israel for this time. It quickly became a reality and I was soon filing down my path to Israel. I made this decision through my acquired lens of positivity and silver linings, knowing that talking to too many of my friends would dissuade me from setting back my graduation to go pursue a dream.


As I reflect and write on this Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath), it occurred to me just how special and unique this experience has already been and will continue to be through the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships. Thus far, I have helped lauch a high school team made of the resilient teenagers of the WIZO Hadassim Boarding School, a school for children of difficult or disadvantaged backgrounds, also helped to organize the first team and practice of the Kfar Yona suburb, barnstormed gym classes across the country, produced media content for the most competitive lacrosse league outside of North America, and so much more.


I have just finished a trip to the Czech Republic to play in the Winter Lax Cup, playing with Deutschland Adler. I was also able to do an Instagram take-over for Writer’s note: Welcome to my Cloud 9.


I have had opportunities to see and do new things in new places, grown myself, and more through this first month with Israel Lacrosse. The things this organization is doing are life-changing for every individual it touches. The theory of growth mindset is that you no longer see negativity, helping you take reasonable risks. I have found this to be true in my life and know that if you take steps towards adventure this summer then you will feel what I feel, see what I see, and know what I know.


The World Is Coming To Israel. Are You?


All of this has been done in my first month in Israel. Imagine how you can and will feel with that same amount of time here this summer. Email me with questions, comments, and more at