Conversation with Mitchell Gruenewald

Name: Mitchell Gruenewald

Position: LSM/D

Height: 6’1”          Weight: 165

Grad Year: 2019

Club Team: Iron Horse Dallas & Stick Star Dallas

Lacrosse Accolades: T99 All Star 2016, UNC All Star 2017

Other Sports Played: Basketball, Golf

Potential College Major(s): Engineering

Current GPA: 4.1

ACT: 30

Honors/AP Classes:

Current: AP Calculus AB, AP Physics I, Honors Practicum in STEM, Honors Robotics I Honors Engineering Design & Presentation II

Previous: AP Human Geography, Honors Engineering Design & Presentation I, Honors Concepts of Engineering, Pre AP Pre Calculus, Pre AP Algebra II, Pre AP GT Chemistry, Pre AP GT Biology, Pre AP GT English I & II, Pre AP Spanish II & III